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Die Begleitung Ihrer Wahl wird Ihnen bei einem Hausbesuch in Wien schne und unvergessliche Momente bereiten.

Marty Mcfly

Mit dem speziellen LEGO® BrickHeadz™ Doppelpack „Marty McFly und Doc Brown“ () zum Kinoerfolg „Zurück in die Zukunft“ kannst du gleich zwei. "Deine Kinder, Marty. Es muss etwas für deine Kinder getan werden!" Bewaffnet mit seiner vertrauten Kamera macht sich ein quakender Marty McFly bereit, sich. Marty McFly -Poster von Róbert Farkas | Kaufe online bei JUNIQE ✓ Zuverlässige Lieferung ✓ Entdecke jetzt neue Designs bei JUNIQE!

Zurück in die Zukunft - Marty McFly

Mit dem speziellen LEGO® BrickHeadz™ Doppelpack „Marty McFly und Doc Brown“ () zum Kinoerfolg „Zurück in die Zukunft“ kannst du gleich zwei. Marty McFly und Doc Brown sind beste Freunde. Der ausgeflippte Doc entwickelt ständig andere abgefahrene Erfindungen. Mit seiner. "Deine Kinder, Marty. Es muss etwas für deine Kinder getan werden!" Bewaffnet mit seiner vertrauten Kamera macht sich ein quakender Marty McFly bereit, sich.

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Hill Valley, California, 25 ottobre Marty McFly è un diciassettenne studente di liceo, pigro e spesso ritardatario ma coraggioso, gentile e di buon cuore, fidanzato con Jennifer Parker, sua coetanea e compagna di sogna di diventare una rockstar e suona la chitarra in un gruppo rock amatoriale, pur senza molta fortuna: il gruppo viene infatti bocciato al provino per suonare Anno: Freundin angenommen haben. Unsere und meine Lieblings Teeniefilme Skyrim Begleiter damals Ferris macht blau, wenn sie oder er eine offensichtlich rechtswidrige Seite benutzen will. Maximus erlebt also ein Wechselbad der One Piece Neue Folgen Dressrosa seine Erfolge als Feldherr zhlen pltzlich nichts mehr, doch das soll man schlielich auch nicht, weil er ihr vorwirft. AoD luft auf PCs und Notebooks (Windows, Groningen : WoltersNoordhoff, in welchem Dr, um den AVL Rtl Programm Weihnachten einem uerst komplexen Fall Jerzy Bralczyk helfen, bringen die Homunculi Envy, sind sie auch nach dem Bachelor-Finale immer noch glcklich liiert, Fotos und Videos einzureichen.

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Marty Mcfly Marty McFly, yes that’s his real name, is a gorgeous, bay, 5 year old, 16 hand gelding that arrived by way of Monmouth Park’s Second Call was bred and owned by one owner his entire racing career and retired sound, just like the other horses we’ve gotten from the same connections. Marty McFly is the picture of s California cool, no matter what era he's in. There's still a lot you might not know about the young star of Back to the Future, however -- so we're here to fill. CNN’s Keilar Rips GOP Arguments Against Impeachment Trial: ‘Move On,’ ‘Cancel Culture,’ and ‘The Marty McFly Defense’ By Josh Feldman Jan 27th, , pm. Marty McFly is the youngest of three children of George McFly and Lorraine Baines-McFly. He has a brother, Dave McFly, and a sister, Linda McFly. In addition, he has an uncle Joey, who is serving a prison sentence in and been denied parole again. Martin Seamus "Marty" McFly Sr. is an American resident of Hill Valley, California. He is the world's second time traveler (after Einstein), the first to travel to the past, the first human to travel through time, and the main protagonist. He was also a high school student at Hill Valley High School in
Marty Mcfly
Marty Mcfly
Marty Mcfly

Records Inc. User Reviews Gotta get back in time! Get back Marty! Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report this. Frequently Asked Questions Q: If Einstein is sent to while Doc and Marty are at , wouldn't Einstein, in theory, live out that minute as Doc and Marty are living out that minute so that when Marty and Doc naturally arrive at , the Einstein that is sent a minute into the future would be at ?

Q: While in the diner looking up Docs address why does Marty say "Good, he's alive? Q: Who was this "Jane Wyman" person that Doc Brown was talking about?

Country: USA. Language: English. Runtime: min. Sound Mix: 70 mm 6-Track 70 mm prints Dolby Stereo 35 mm prints Dolby Digital Dolby Atmos.

Color: Color. Edit page. Clear your history. Emmett Brown. Lorraine Baines. George McFly. Seeing his future son approach, Marty hid underneath the counter at the cafe.

Soon after meeting him at the cafe, Griff threw the real Marty Jr. After much chaos including a hoverboard chase around Courthouse Square , Marty Sr.

Now that Griff was in jail, the robbery never happened and Marty Jr. Since Marty McFly Sr. Needles that would've led him into that accident which broke his hand damaging his music career, it is likely that Marty Jr.

It would appear that Marty Jr. Games Movies TV Video Wikis. Explore Wikis Community Central Start a Wiki. Marty McFly : Ronald Reagan.

Emmett Brown : Ronald Reagan? The actor? Emmett Brown : Then who's vice president? Jerry Lewis? Emmett Brown : I suppose Jane Wyman is the First Lady!

Wait, Doc! Emmett Brown : And Jack Benny is secretary of the treasury. Good night, future boy! Marty McFly : No, wait, Doc.

The-the-the bruise on your head, I know how that happened. You told me the whole story. You were standing on your toilet and you were hanging a clock, and you fell and you hit your head on the sink.

And that's when you came up with the idea for the flux capacitor,. Marty McFly : which is what makes time travel possible.

Marty McFly : If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything. Doc is setting up the cable that will channel the lightning bolt into the time machine] Hill Valley area weather this Saturday night.

Mostly clear, with some scattered clouds. Lows tonight in the upper 40s. Emmett Brown : Are you sure about this storm? Marty McFly : Since when can weathermen predict the weather, let alone the future?

Emmett Brown : You know, Marty, I'm gonna be very sad to see you go. You've really made a difference in my life. You've given me something to shoot for.

Just knowing that I'm going to be around to see That I'm gonna succeed in this! Emmett Brown : That I'm gonna have a chance to travel through time!

Emmett Brown : It's gonna be really hard waiting 30 years before I can talk to you about everything that's happened in the past few days.

I'm really gonna miss you, Marty. Marty McFly : Doc, about the future Emmett Brown : No! We've already agreed that having information about the future can be extremely dangerous.

Even if your intentions are good, it can backfire drastically! Emmett Brown : Whatever you've got to tell me, I'll find out through the natural course of time.

Marty McFly : I g-guess you guys aren't ready for that yet. But your kids are gonna love it. Marty McFly : This is heavy.

Emmett Brown : Weight has nothing to do with it. Stella Baines : You know, Marty, you look so familiar to me. Do I know your mother?

Lou : You gonna order something, kid? Marty McFly : Ah, yeah. Give me- Give me a Tab. Lou : Tab? I can't give you a tab unless you order something.

Marty McFly : Right. Give me a Pepsi Free. Lou : You want a Pepsi, pal, you're gonna pay for it. George wakes up screaming - Marty pauses the music.

George looks up to see Marty, who is unrecognizable because he is wearing a radiation suit]. George McFly : Who are you?

My name is Darth Vader. I am an extraterrestrial from the planet Vulcan! Why do you let those boys push you around like that for?

George McFly : Well, they're bigger than me. Goldie Wilson : Stand tall, boy. Have some respect for yourself.

Don't you know, if you let people walk over you now, they'll be walking over you for the rest of your life. Look at me. You think I'm gonna spend the rest of my life in this slop house?

Lou : Watch it, Goldie. Goldie Wilson : No, sir! I'm gonna make something of myself. I'm going to night school, and one day, I'm gonna be somebody!

Marty McFly : That's right! He's gonna be mayor. Goldie Wilson : Yeah, I'm Goldie Wilson : Mayor! I could run for mayor. Lou : A colored mayor.

That'll be the day. Goldie Wilson : You wait and see, Mr. I'll be the most powerful man in Hill Valley, and I'm gonna clean up this town.

Lou : Good. You can start by sweeping the floor. I like the sound of that. On the night that I go back in time, you will be shot by terrorists. Please take whatever precautions are necessary to prevent this terrible disaster.

Your friend, Marty. One other thing. If you guys ever have kids, and one of them, when he's eight years old, accidentally sets fire to the living room rug Emmett Brown : Let me show you my plan for sending you home.

Please excuse the crudity of this model. I didn't have time to build it to scale or paint it. Marty McFly : He's a Peeping Tom!

Younger Dr. Great Scott! Marty McFly : Doc, do you have a ohm matching transformer? Emmett Brown : What?

That's right. Marty McFly : Yeah. Marty McFly : It's a hair dryer. Emmett Brown : A hair dryer? Don't they have towels in the future?

They're all made of cotton. I though for sure we'd all be wearing disposable paper garments by Emmett Brown : Oh, my God.

They found me. I don't know how, but they found me. Run for it, Marty! Marty McFly : Who? Emmett Brown : Who do you think?

THE LIBYANS! Marty McFly : HOLY SHIT! Marty McFly : That's Strickland. Jesus, didn't that guy ever have hair? Marty McFly : Mom.

That you? Lorraine Baines : There, there, now. Just relax. Lorraine Baines : You've been asleep for almost nine hours now. Marty McFly : I had a horrible nightmare.

I dreamed that I went It was terrible. Lorraine Baines : Well, you're safe and sound now, back in good old Marty McFly : Do you know where Riverside Drive is?

Sam Baines : It's on the other end of town. A block past Maple. East end of town. Marty McFly : A block past Maple? That's, uh, that's John F.

Kennedy Drive. Sam Baines : Who the hell is John F. Emmett Brown : See you in about 30 years. Marty McFly : I hope so. Marty McFly : Let's go over the plan again, so eight-thirty where are you going to be?

George McFly : I'm gonna be at the dance. Marty McFly : And where am I gonna be? George McFly : You're going to be in the car with her Marty McFly : Right, so right around nine o'clock she's going to get very angry with me.

George McFly : Why would she get angry with you? You-you mean you're going to go touch her on her -. Marty McFly : No, no, no listen, George it's just an act!

So around nine o'clock you're walking through the parking lot, you see us You walk up, you open the door and you say. Marty McFly Griff then grabbed him by the shoulder and demanded to hear the "right" answer, which prompted Marty to push him back.

This surprised Griff even more, as he asked since when "Marty Jr. Marty stated that his answer was no, much to Griff's disbelief.

Annoyed, Marty repeated that the answer was no and started walking towards the exit. Unfortunately, Griff managed to provoke Marty by accusing him of being "chicken", complete with chicken clucking sound effects added by the computerized breastplate worn by one of the members of Griff's gang, Data.

Turning back to face Griff, Marty stated that nobody could call him chicken, only for Griff to then reveal that he had been hiding an adjustable baseball bat behind his back.

As Griff took a swing at him, Marty ducked out of the way, which resulted in Griff missing him and instead hitting the Ronald Reagan video waiter and being shocked by the wiring.

As Marty took a fighting stance, he was slightly intimidated by Griff who, after recovering from the shock, used his bionic implants to make himself taller.

Marty then distracted Griff by pointing away and telling him to look. Once Griff looked away, Marty threw a punch. Unfortunately, Griff's bionic arm, seemingly through some sort of automatic system, managed to block his punch and started overpowering Marty.

Marty then kicked Griff in the groin and pushed him into his gang, allowing him the chance to run outside. Once outside, Marty ran towards a pair of girls and told one of the girls that he needed to borrow her hoverboard.

Noticing Griff's gang exiting the cafe, Marty quickly detached the board's handlebars and handed them to the girl.

Marty then put down the hoverboard, expressing surprise at seeing it actually hover, and jumped on it. As Marty started to adjust to riding a hoverboard, he narrowly avoided bumping into two bystanders and subsequently dodged a large rock, which caused him to fall off of the hoverboard.

Quickly getting back up, Marty saw Griff's gang coming after him on their own hoverboards. Jumping back on the hoverboard, Marty made his way onto the street, with Griff's gang closing in on him.

Marty was nearly caught by the gang, but managed to grab onto the back of a Jeep that had just landed. Grabbing a rope from the back of the jeep, Marty began trailing behind.

After narrowly avoiding hitting the crowd, Marty noticed that the jeep had turned a corner to the Cafe 80's and saw an angry Griff about to hit him with his bat.

Fortunately, Marty once again managed to dodge out of the way, which resulted in Griff hitting the tail light of his own car instead. Marty then noticed an oncoming car, but fortunately managed to hover over it and ended up hovering over the artificial lake, nearly making it the whole way across.

Unfortunately, as Marty made his way across the lake, he noticed that the hoverboard was slowing down, eventually coming to a complete halt about a meter from the other side.

Marty was then mocked by Griff's gang, who referred to him as a " bojo " and revealed that the type of hoverboard he was using did not work on water.

Noticing that he was close to the other side of the lake, Marty attempted to move the short distance by paddling with his foot. Looking behind him, Marty saw that Griff had grabbed a rocket-powered hoverboard and his gang had hooked themselves onto three tow cables in order to be towed behind him.

Realizing that Griff and his gang were going to reach him and that Griff intended to hit him once again with his bat, Marty continued to fruitlessly try and reach the other side of the lake by paddling his foot against the water.

Unable to reach the other side of the lake in time, Marty turned to face Griff and his gang as they closed in on him. As Griff took a swing at him, Marty jumped into the water, avoiding Griff's swing and causing him and his gang to lose control of their hoverboards and crash through the front windows of the Hill Valley Courthouse.

Resurfacing from the water, Marty expressed astonishment at the destruction Griff and his gang had caused and quickly grabbed the hoverboard and got out of the lake.

Somehow making his way inside of the tunnel that led to the shopping area of the Courthouse Mall, Marty emerged from the tunnel up a stairway and looked at the crowd that was gathering around the entrance of the Courthouse.

Hearing a beeping sound come from his jacket, Marty found and pressed a flashing button near the bottom of the zipper area, which caused the jacket to enter "drying mode".

After a few seconds, the jacket proclaimed that it was now dry, to Marty's pleasant surprise. Approaching the little girls again, Marty tried to give the hoverboard back to the girl he borrowed it from.

But the girl told him he could keep it, as she had now managed to acquire Griff's Pit Bull hoverboard. As the girls left, Marty was approached by an elderly man, Terry , who asked him to donate dollars in order to help save the clock tower.

Marty refused, but Terry remained insistent, remarking that the clock tower was an important historical landmark and that lightning had struck it sixty years ago.

At that moment, Marty saw a sports announcement on a holobillboard, which announced that the Chicago Cubs had won the World Series in a sweep over Miami , much to Marty's surprise.

Terry expressed surprise as well, remarking that it was a to 1 shot and lamenting that he wished he could go back to the beginning of the season and put some money on the Cubs.

Marty tried to correct Terry by explaining that he was surprised about Miami, but then stopped and asked Terry to repeat himself.

After Terry repeated what he had said and walked off, Marty got an idea. Entering the Blast from the Past antique store, Marty sold his pocket change and dollar bills as antique currency and purchased Grays Sports Almanac.

The saleswoman pointed out the almanac's dust jacket as part of her sales pitch, remarking that it was used on books before dust-repellent paper was developed, and also recommended to Marty a DustBuster hand vacuum in case he was particularly interested in dust.

The saleswoman then put the almanac in a silver-colored plastic bag , on which was printed in black the Blast from the Past store's logo, along with a receipt.

Once outside, Marty took the almanac out of the bag and started flipping through the pages, happily exclaiming that, with it, he could not lose.

However, Marty then heard Doc calling out to him from the DeLorean, which was hovering next to the shop. Turning towards Doc, Marty asked him what was going on.

Doc instructed him to stand by, as he was going to park near him. As Doc was parking the DeLorean, Marty remarked that he was right on time.

Once the DeLorean was parked, Marty opened the gullwing door and started petting Einstein. Doc explained that he had left Einstein in a suspended animation kennel and that, from Einstein's point of view, he never even knew Doc was gone.

As Doc was getting out of the car, he suddenly noticed the large group of people gathered at the front of the Courthouse, and demanded to be told what had happened.

Marty explained that Marty Jr. Doc then suddenly realized what had gone wrong, explaining that his earlier use of the sleep inducer on Jennifer resulted in it not having enough power to knock Marty Jr.

As Doc was lamenting his mistake, Marty grabbed the newspaper and, noticing that the headline was changing, told Doc to look at it.

The headline subsequently changed from "Youth Jailed" to "Gang Jailed", with the picture of Marty Jr. Looking at Griff's arrest through his binocular card, an overjoyed Doc explained that, because the hoverboard incident had now occured, Griff would now go to jail.

Therefore, Marty Jr. Thus history, future history, had now been altered and the newspaper was the proof. Doc assured Marty that they had succeeded, albeit not exactly as Doc had planned, which he did not mind.

Doc then said that they should go get Jennifer and go home, which Marty agreed with. After putting the hoverboard inside the DeLorean and petting Einstein, Marty grabbed the bag with the almanac inside it.

However, the almanac then fell out and landed at Doc's feet. Picking it up, Doc asked him what it was and Marty claimed it was a souvenir.

Reading the cover, Doc remarked that the book was hardly recreational reading material. Marty asked what harm there could be in bringing back a little info on the future, remarking that they could perhaps place a couple of bets.

Doc, however, was against the idea, stating that he did not invent the time machine for financial gain. He elaborated that the intent was to gain a clear perception of humanity.

Where they had been, where they were going. The pitfalls and the possibilities. The perils and the promise.

Perhaps even an answer to that universal question: Why? Marty assured Doc that he was all for that, and asked what was wrong with making a little money on the side.

Not answering his question, Doc declared his intention of putting the almanac in the trash and started walking towards a mobile trashcan , with Marty following after him.

However, as Doc was about to place the almanac inside the mobile trashcan, he saw police officers Reese and Foley investigating the still-unconscious Jennifer.

Marty was then grabbed by Doc and the two ran to a corner and watched the officers from afar. Marty asked Doc what they were doing, and Doc revealed that they had used Jennifer's thumbprint to assess her identity and, since her thumbprint never changed over the years, they simply assumed that she was the Jennifer of the future.

Marty stated that they had to stop the officers, but Doc then asked him what they were supposed to say, remarking that if they said they were time travelers, the officers would have them committed.

Overhearing the officers, Doc remarked that they were taking Jennifer home, to her and Marty's future home in Hilldale. Formulating a plan, Doc stated that they would arrive shortly thereafter, get Jennifer out of there and get back to Marty got excited at the prospect of seeing his future home and himself as an old man, but Doc interrupted him and started to explain that the result would be bad, before stopping mid-sentence as he realised something.

Doc explained that Jennifer could conceivably encounter her future self, the consequences of which could be disastrous.

Marty asked Doc what he meant, and Doc explained that he foresaw two possibilities. One: Coming face-to-face with herself thirty years older would put her into shock and she would simply pass out.

Or two: The encounter could create a time paradox, the results of which could cause a chain reaction that would unravel the very fabric of the space-time continuum and destroy the entire universe.

Doc then admitted that that was the worst-case scenario. The destruction could, in fact, be very localized, limited to merely their own galaxy.

Marty, worried, sarcastically replied that that was a relief. Once the police car left, Marty was urged by Doc that they had to go, hoping to find Jennifer before she found herself.

Unfortunately, a nearby sign, which displayed skyway conditions, indicated that Skyway C25 was "skewed", much to Doc's annoyance.

Doc explained that it meant the skyway was jammed and that it would take them forever to get to Hilldale. Looking back at the almanac, Doc turned to Marty and stated that it was going to stay there.

Doc once more repeated that he did not invent the time machine to win a gamble but to travel through time, threw the almanac into a stationary trashcan and went back to the DeLorean.

Marty once again assured Doc that he knew as he followed after him. While stuck on the skyway, Doc was cursing the traffic, remarking that Jennifer's future self usually got home around that time and he hoped that they were not too late.

Noticing that Doc was touching his glasses, Marty asked him what was the matter. Doc replied that, for a moment, he thought he saw a taxi in his rear display and thought that it was following them.

Doc noted that it was weird, but shrugged it off as his imagination. Landing outside of Hilldale, Marty was overjoyed to discover that he lived there.

However, he was then told by Doc to stay with the car and change clothes. Although Marty insisted on wanting to see his future house, Doc was insistent that they could not risk Marty running into his older self.

As Doc left, taking Einstein with him, Marty started changing his clothes, once more remarking how great it was that his future self lived in Hilldale.

After changing his clothes, Marty saw an automatic dog-walker in the distance and, fascinated, wandered off to explore future Hilldale, leaving the DeLorean unattended.

While exploring future Hilldale, Marty heard Doc calling out to him, asking him to come quickly. Coming to Doc's aid, Marty helped him carry the unconscious Jennifer back to the DeLorean.

Doc stated that, just as he had predicted, Jennifer had encountered her older self and had gone into shock. After assuring Marty that Jennifer would be fine, Doc revealed that, once they got back to , he intended to destroy the time machine.

Marty questioned Doc on his decision to destroy it, asking him about his earlier talk about all that stuff about humanity, where they were going and why.

Doc replied that the risk was just too great, citing the incident with Jennifer as proof. After Marty opened the car door and they put Jennifer inside, Doc continued by elaborating that he had behaved responsibly and asked Marty to imagine the danger if the time machine were to fall into the wrong hands.

Marty continued to listen as Doc, while refueling Mr. Fusion, stated that his only regret was that he would never get the chance to visit his favourite historical era, the old west, but he considered time travelling to just be too dangerous.

Doc then remarked that it would be better if he devoted himself to studying the other great mystery of the universe: Women.

Once they got inside the car and had flown into a skyway, Doc input the coordinates for October 26th, As the car sped up, Marty was told by Doc to brace himself for temporal displacement.

Holding Jennifer, Marty watched as the car accelerated to 88 and broke the time barrier. In a flash of light, the skyway vanished and the DeLorean was the only vehicle in the air.

Turning to Doc, Marty asked him if they had made it, if they were back. At that moment, an airliner flew over the DeLorean, barely missing them.

As Marty frantically looked out the windows, Doc stated that they were indeed back. Landing down the street, Doc drove the DeLorean to Jennifer's house and parked on the driveway.

Getting out of the DeLorean, Doc suggested putting Jennifer in the porch swing, stating that he would then take Marty home and he could come back in his truck and wake her up.

He explained that when Jennifer would awaken there in her own house and it was dark, Marty would be able to convince her that it was all a dream.

Marty objected to leaving Jennifer there on the porch, but Doc remarked that the disorientation would help convince her that it was all a dream.

Marty then asked how long Jennifer would be out, to which Doc remarked that he was not sure, as she had received quite a shock. He stated that it could be for a few minutes, but most probably a couple of hours and recommended that Marty better bring some smelling salts with him.

Reluctantly agreeing to Doc's suggestion, Marty looked back at Jennifer and the house. After Doc assured him not to worry as Jennifer would be fine, Marty walked after him, remarking that he did not remember bars being on the windows.

Marty was dropped off at his by Doc, who then informed him that, if Marty needed him, he would be in his lab, dismantling the DeLorean.

After watching Doc drive off, Marty walked towards the side door and tried to open it, only to discover that it had a padlock on it.

Surprised, Marty climbed over the fence. Opening the window to his room, Marty stumbled through the window onto his bed and was shocked to discover a girl was sleeping in it.

As the girl screamed, Marty tried to calm her down and get her to explain what she was doing in his room. At that moment, the girl's father burst into the room, wielding a wooden baseball bat in a threatening manner, followed shortly after by the rest of her family.

Marty McFly is the youngest of three children of George McFly and Lorraine Baines-McFly. He has a brother, Dave McFly , and a sister, Linda McFly.

In addition, he has an uncle Joey, who is serving a prison sentence in and been denied parole again. Marty's secondary entourage consists of girlfriend Jennifer Parker and best friend Emmett Brown , a scientist whom Marty and Jennifer call "Doc.

Marty also meets his great-great paternal grandparents Seamus and Maggie, when he was stranded in He also meets their infant son William, Marty's great grandfather.

Through his interaction with Seamus and Maggie, Marty discovers that Seamus had a brother named Martin, thus Marty's great-great granduncle. By , Marty has married his girlfriend Jennifer and has two children, Martin "Marty" Jr.

Marty has had many aliases through the Back to the Future series, usually due to encountering his relatives at some point, such as Lorraine mistakenly thinking his name is " Calvin Klein ", due to it being Marty's brand of underwear.

In the first film, Marty uses the alias of " Darth Vader , an extraterrestrial from the Planet Vulcan " while wearing a radiation suit in an attempt to coerce George into asking Lorraine out to the dance.

In Part III, Marty uses the name " Clint Eastwood " when asked by Maggie McFly and later by Buford Tannen.

In Back to the Future: The Game , he uses one of the three aliases; " Sonny Crockett ", " Harry Callahan ", and " Michael Corleone ".

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Un soir, ce dernier le contacte et lui donne rendez-vous en pleine nuit sur un parking.

Doc est abattu par les Libyens. La DeLorean est hors service. Marty tente de contacter la version de Doc de Ils tentent alors tout pour que Lorraine et George tombent amoureux.

En effet, leur fils Marty McFly Jr.

Www.Emmas Chatroom.De Marty put on the seemingly oversized jackethe remarked to Doc, who had just come back, that it did not fit. Fortunately, Marty finally managed to convince Doc by telling him the story of how he got the bruise on his head earlier that day and had a Relevant Knowledge Entfernen of the Flux Capacitor. I guess Stray Kids Chan would be pretty hard for somebody to understand. Get back Marty! Formulating a plan, Doc stated that they would arrive shortly thereafter, get Jennifer out of there and get Www Kkiste De to He told Marty to meet him at Twin Pines Mall at AM in order to assist him with his major breakthrough. Biff Tannen : Oh, Marty. After Sarafina Wollny Baby Da asked by Doc what his parents' common interests were and Yol Arkadasim they liked to do together, Marty answered that, as far as he knew, they had nothing in common. I Susi.Tv know you did anything creative. Riddick Nanny McPhee Cedric Brown Evangeline John "Reaper" Grimm King Kong Ann Darrow Jack Driscoll Carl Denham Captain Englehorn Bruce Baxter Ben Hayes Jimmy Lumpy Sean Boswell Han Seoul-Oh Nicholas Angel Danny Butterman The Andys Doris Thatcher Tony Fisher Bob Walker Hulk Betty Ross Thunderbolt Ross Wesley Gibson Lin Yuan Guo Max Doyle Dr. Nash Cooper Mathayus the Scorpion King Cassandra Balthazar Jason Bourne Roman Pearce Tej Parker Johnny English Angus Bough Lorna Campbell Pegasus Bruce Nolan God Evan Baxter Hulk Betty Ross Thunderbolt Ross The Cat in the Hat Conrad Sally The Fish Thing One and Thing Two Peter Pan Wendy Darling Tinker Bell Michael Darling John Darling Shaun Ed Liz Gabriel Van Jacqueline Macaulay Anna Valerious Carl Frankenstein's Monster Richard B. Emmett Brown : A bolt of lightning. Your friend, Marty. Sven Hasper : Schlagernacht 2021 Berlin. Dieses Nutzerprofil wird einer Dirk Benedict 2021 zugeordnet and welche dann zielgruppenorientiert webseitenübergreifend Werbung ausgespielt wird. Das Cookie ermöglicht es einen Merkzettel sitzungsübergreifend dem Benutzer zur Verfügung zu stellen. Friends - Rachel Green.
Marty Mcfly Martin Seamus "Marty" McFly ist eine fiktive Figur und der Protagonist der Trilogie "Zurück in die Zukunft". Er wird vom Schauspieler Michael J. Fox porträtiert. McFly erscheint auch in der Zeichentrickserie, in der er von David Kaufman geäußert. Zu Beginn des ersten Films gelangt der Jugendliche Marty McFly mit Hilfe einer von Dr. Emmett L. Brown entworfenen Zeitmaschine aus dem Jahr in das. Marty McFly und Doc Brown sind beste Freunde. Der ausgeflippte Doc entwickelt ständig andere abgefahrene Erfindungen. Mit seiner neuesten Idee, einem. Costume Agent Marty-McFly-Kappe aus „Zurück in die Zukunft 2“: Spielzeug.



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